December 8

Understanding The Importance Of Meditation

In living in an environment, you must understand that not everyone can agree with you. This is a feeling that often makes you feel that you do not fit in with the people around you, but because of social and work demands, you have to adjust to them. So that this will make you forced to do things that make you uncomfortable in the end it will only make you more depressed. The feeling of pain you feel in this part of your body comes from your mind. That’s why 80 minutes of meditation is known to reduce the pain you feel. Focusing on our thoughts while meditating is known to help us manage the emotional impact of physical pain. If you want a quiet or calm place to do this meditation, you can visit the YOUR HIGHEST TRUTH.

Meditation is the way of relaxation that has been trusted so far. The purpose of doing this meditation is to make a person feel more relaxed and refreshed. Its benefits as an effective stress relief method have also been proven by many people. Meditation can be done by focusing your mind on breathing exercises. During meditation, you must also calculate the breathing interval, when you should inhale, when you should hold your breath, and when you should exhale. You can also adjust how long you meditate yourself, for example, five to ten minutes until your body and mind relax on their own.

The key to this meditation is that you don’t think about anything, just focus on that moment of meditation. It’s very easy, you can start by sitting cross-legged. Place your left hand on your right hand, with your palm facing the sky. Make an oval shape with the thumbs touching each other. Focus your mind on positive thoughts that make you calm and happy.

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