January 5

Tips For Choosing A Good Quality Monitor Screen For Playing Games

Playing games is sometimes viewed negatively because it is considered to have no benefits. Not only that, but many people also say that games can damage the brain’s work, make you stupid, and so on. Indeed, there is a downside to playing games such as it can turn people into apathy. However, this happens if you are addicted to playing games. Apart from negative things, playing games also has positive benefits. One of them is practicing patience. This is an important thing in playing games. If you are tired, it’s better to stop playing and you can play again later. Because if you keep going, your patience will run out and the game won’t be fun anymore. It can even be frustrating. On the other hand, the thing you need to pay attention to when you want to play games is the screen you use. Make sure that your monitor screen is not too small as this will only damage your eyes. Even though the money you provide to buy monitors for gaming under 100 dollars, you also need to ensure the screen size and quality of the screen.

Meanwhile, response time is the time it takes for the pixels on the monitor to switch from one color to another. Usually, the response time will be measured in milliseconds. This method is used to show how fast the image can move.

If you want to play a type of game that changes the image very quickly, such as racing games, or sports, then you are strongly advised to choose a monitor screen with a 1 ms response time. This is to avoid the effect of the screen or the screen as if it was torn into two parts, as well as fluctuating frame rates. Even though various technologies are suggested for a more maximal gaming experience, tips for choosing a gaming monitor are probably the most important things to pay attention to.

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