January 5

This Is The Early Days Of Range Rover

In the sport utility vehicle (SUV) class, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has a flagship product called the Range Rover. Since it was first born, this product is known to be tough to make friends in exploring. Now, the full-size luxury SUV product is 50 years old and has made several interesting histories. Aside from that, if you wish to rent a range rover, we suggest you call the range rover hire company near your location.

As technology advances, the current generation Range Rover is not only a car synonymous with muddy roads. It’s because Land Rover has read the needs of consumers who want a vehicle that is tough but can also look elegant when passing through the city.

Chronologically, this product went on sale in 1970. But, in 1965, this car was still a prototype. At that time, several name options were ranging from Road Rover to Oyster. But then, the British manufacturer prefers the name Range Rover.

When it was first launched, this product immediately received a positive response from the market. Although at that time it was presented as a station wagon and not as a luxury car, this car was fairly comfortable and had a roomy cabin.

This success continued until 1981 until then, the product began to penetrate the luxury car class. The first step, Land Rover took Vogue magazine. Then, Land Rover presents a limited edition Range Rover called In Vogue and appears in the lifestyle magazine in eight pages.

That strategy seems quite effective. Land Rover managed to target the right market in the right way. Until then, Land Rover began marketing variants with automatic transmissions which at that time began to be popular in the European and American markets.

Subsequently, in 1985, Land Rover began to increase the ability of the runway kitchen. Thanks to several innovations and fuel injection applications, the Range Rover’s capabilities jumped from 130 bhp to 155 bhp.

Entering the 90s, the competition in this class was getting tougher. Land Rover is back with innovation. Some innovations include the application of a more comfortable air suspension and the addition of a wheelbase to make this car more spacious.

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