December 17

This Aroma Is A Sign Of The Existence Of Spirits Around You

For people who do not have special skills like the sixth sense, it may be very difficult to see ghosts. However, to tell its existence, usually, spirits have some scents that humans can feel. If you are a person who is sensitive to the sense of smell and who can remove black magic, then you should be aware of the scents below which could indicate the presence of spirits around you. If you don’t have a wound or there is blood around you and you feel the smell of blood around you, then there is a high probability that there is a demon around you. If you smell mystical oils or fragrances around you, then you need to be alert. Why not, this aroma is believed to be the aroma of curious spirits around you.

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If you are not burning cassava, but feel the pungent aroma of roasted cassava, then you must be careful. This smell is believed to be the presence of male ghosts around you. If you smell a carcass, but not a single carcass is chuckling, then it is likely that there are some curious spirits or female ghosts around you. Did you know that apart from damp, dirty places and trees, there are some objects that ghosts use as a medium to interact with the human world?

These objects are considered to be one of the places where ghosts live. So what are these objects?

Dolls are the objects most liked by children. But who would have thought if this object turned out to be believed to be a ghost’s den for shelter? As in the horror films The Conjuring doll Annabelle, and doll Chucky. Many paintings in this world contain a mystical impression. Paintings that are often associated with mystical characters are usually paintings in human form. The legendary wedding dress is what ghosts like the most, one of which is the wedding dress of Anne Baker who lived in the 1980s. Mirrors are what ghosts like the most. Often they show themselves through the mirror. Based on some people’s beliefs the mirror is a bridge between the human world.

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