December 22

The Most Important SEO Concepts You Should Know

If you are a beginner learning about digital marketing, you may be familiar with the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a form of digital marketing strategy that, as the name implies, aims to optimize your brand or product on search sites. If we use the equation of a physical store, then the SEO Company concept aims to make your shop the most visited by potential buyers, which is expected to be directly proportional to the increase in sales.

For some people, SEO may be considered difficult to run and not worth the end result. However, actually, SEO is not complicated and the basic concepts of SEO are quite easy for beginners to understand and implement. In fact, even by just learning the basics, we can get SEO results that place our products in the top search engines of search engines.

Know What Your Customers Are Looking For
To reach the top positions in search engine results, of course, you have to know what your customers are looking for on the search engine itself. With simple logic, you can easily find out what consumers are looking for. Furthermore, you can find out more about other, more specific keywords that your potential customers are also looking for. For example, when you enter a keyword on a search site, you will see additional keyword information, which is usually referred to as: “Other people are also searching ..” Or, when you type a keyword in the search field on a search site, don’t click Enter and wait a few moments. until the search site provides keyword recommendations that other people are usually looking for. But sometimes this can be inaccurate due to the results of keyword recommendations – for example, Google, depending on the location where you access the internet.

Create a Special Page for Search Result Optimization
If the first stage is complete, then you need to overhaul your website pages so that when your potential customers click on your SEO keywords, you are responsible for providing a good UX experience. This is very important considering the duration of visitors accessing website pages that can be used as an analysis and affects visitor conversions. After that, you can focus on developing those specific pages to be optimized for search engines. For starters, if you are using WordPress, you can install an SEO plugin.

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