January 22

Keep Wooden Furniture From Termites

Termites are indeed the main enemy of wooden furniture, and you even need to use an exterminator¬† Cayce Bugs to get rid of them. Because the presence of termites can be very annoying, there are times when you can prevent the presence of termites in your home. Because prevention is much more profitable than getting rid of termites after they destroy our homes. That’s how to prevent it:

Choose the right wood
Choosing wood that will be used as frames or other furniture is the first step to prevent termites. There are two types of wood that I highly recommend to use to decorate the interior of our homes, namely teak wood and Merbau wood. These two kinds of wood are highly disliked by termites. Teak wood is not liked by termites because it is hard, making it difficult for termites to eat. Meanwhile, Merbau wood has a distinctive odor that is not liked by termites, moreover, Merbau wood also contains substances that are toxic to fungi and termites.

Avoid damp
Humid places are a favorite breeding ground for termites. Therefore, try not to have any leaks in your house, if there is a leak in the tile or drains, hurry to patch it, don’t leave it too long.

Leave some distance between wooden furniture or furniture and the floor
As previously mentioned, termites breed for the first time in the soil of our homes, so leave as much distance as possible between wood and floor items. This includes warehouses, I often find that my warehouse is the first to be targeted by termites because I rarely see my warehouse. While there are piles of papers and books in my warehouse. Remember paper, books, cardboard the basic material is wood. What I do myself is cover the floor of my warehouse with plastic, before placing the boxes filled with books and other things.

Recognizing the signs of termite infestation
It is very important to recognize termite infestation and to do the treatment as soon as possible before termites can damage our wooden furniture. Signs of termite infestation can include wood chips and holes everywhere, there are small lumps like mud stuck to the wood. Apart from these two things, another symptom that indicates a termite attack is the appearance of alates. It should be noted that the moths are adult termites that come out when they are about to mate.

Anti Termite Injection
The termite-proof injection is necessary to prevent the development of termites. As a precautionary measure, injection is usually done before the house is built, the injection is done by injecting termite repellent into the soil so that termites have no place to grow under our homes. Usually, this anti-termite injection lasts up to 5 years.

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