December 11

IQ Option Is An Innovative And Beneficial Broker For Traders In Botswana

IQ Option is one of the new generation binary options brokers who have built a platform with interesting and innovative solutions. The web platform and mobile app it provides are constantly evolving to meet the needs of traders, not only for beginner traders but also for experienced traders in Botswana. This is particularly evident from the new 3.0 version platform. Furthermore, you can also visit if you want to know more about IQ option in Botswana.

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One of the latest developments in the version 3.0 platform is the appearance of 4 charts simultaneously on the web platform. This is an innovative facility that is rarely provided by other binary options brokers and provides an opportunity for traders to develop new trading strategies. Thanks to this innovation, the ease with which traders in Botswana trade has increased fourfold because he can easily and quickly view several types of assets at once; No more need to spend time changing windows continuously when trading several types of assets at the same time.

For example, when there was breaking news about the United States’ nonfarm payroll statistics. You may wish to trade multiple assets taking advantage of the volatility surrounding this high-impact news release time. If you usually have to change windows when you are about to open a position, now the position can be opened immediately without having to close the old window.

This advantage also allows you as a trader to improve your trading skills. Let’s say you trade EURUSD turbo options. Based on your strategy, you bought the CALL option, but the price went down. To increase your chances of winning the trading session, you can open a second position in the form of a binary option (high/low) in the EURUSD pair. With the ability to monitor all ongoing trends, traders in Botswana can increase their chances of winning.

Let’s take another example. We know there is a correlation between the AUDUSD pair with gold price movements: If the gold price goes up, the AUDUSD pair usually goes up too. Therefore, a trader opens two charts on the platform, one showing AUDUSD and the other showing AUDUSD. This allows traders in Botswana to buy options and at the same time open trading positions.

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