December 19

How to Drink a Good Espresso Coffee

The way to drink a good espresso coffee is not to let the crema linger. The disappearing crema will make the coffee aroma fade, and the taste will not be optimal. You can visit our website to know cold brew coffee health benefits.

Here are tips for enjoying espresso:

Direct Message at the Bar
Very rarely do Italians order espresso coffee while sitting relaxed. If you want to try to follow the Italian way of drinking espresso, order it directly from the barista at the bar. However, if you are drinking coffee at home, this way of drinking espresso coffee can be ignored.

Slowly inhale
So that you can get the sensation of the aroma too, sip the espresso before taking a sip. Feel the sensation of the scent of coffee entering your smell cavity slowly.

Drink immediately until finished
This drink was born because people wanted their coffee to be served quickly. How to drink espresso should not be too long. The reference is to the crema, which is the brown foam on the surface of the espresso. This brown and bitter foam can keep the aroma and taste of the espresso coffee intact. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long in a cup or glass. Therefore, drink it until it runs out before the crema disappears.

Don’t add milk
Don’t occasionally add milk to your espresso. Moreover, added milk is milk foam or steamed milk. Your coffee might turn into a latte or cappuccino. Yes, both drinks are espresso-based which is then added with frothy milk. In other words, adding milk to espresso is tantamount to enjoying another serving of coffee. Dare to enjoy the bitter taste of the Italian coffee without anything added.

Better to Leave Sugar
Is the way to drink good espresso using sugar or not? Some people argue if you want to get the original taste of coffee and its health benefits, leave sugar. However, it’s not a must, some people still use a little sugar in their espresso.

Experiment with Coffee Bean Variants
There are no specific provisions regarding the coffee beans that are used to make a cup of espresso. It’s fine if you want to use arabica or robusta, single-origin or coffee blends.

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